Power of Education!

     Education is a process of acquiring knowledge throughout life. Education is a learning phase of life at school, college or university which is an unending process. You can acquire education at any age. Education is empowerment, it has the power to remove poverty, ignorance and makes you independent by providing you career of your choice.

    In India still 60% people are illiterate which results in poverty. Our government has implemented various policies for education but still problem is unsolved. Many peoples are unable to get education due to lack of facilities in villages. Education does not mean that you have to go back to school, it simply means you start reading through books which interest you and will help you in reaching your goals.

     Everyone has the right to become educated. You may not always learn to get a degree but you learn to fulfill your ambitions by planning a way to get a good job, home and bank balance. Internet have lot of resources for learning online and lot of websites who provide online education. You can also read on internet and watch various videos available on internet.

       The more you learn the more powerful you are to change your life. So what are you waiting for, Now is the time to utilize power of education and become powerful in all aspects of your life.


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