Health is Wealth!

    "Health is Wealth", as we all know this but now-a-days we all are so busy in our lives resulting in lot of medical problems at younger age. Guys we all are educated and we all know what is good for health and what is not then also we neglect all these things.
      Health issues are increasing in our country very speedily from last few years. Many new diseases are arising and death cases are increasing. Being an educated person i think its my responsibility to make people aware of what we are loosing.

     Good Health needs proper healthy diet and proper exercise which keeps your body in good size.If you don't work-out daily your body will become fatty and you will become obese speedily which results in lot of medical problems. We all are busy in our daily routine works but we should dedicate one hour to our health.
    If we don't have good health then whatever we earns will be total waste as we will be wasting all our hard earned money on medical problems. So i just want to request you all to please concentrate on your health to live a healthy and wealthy life.


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