How to Choose a Career!

  "Career" is a person's journey of learning, work and other aspects of life. Career is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as  a "person's progress through life". Career is also described as a person's occupation or a profession which involves special training or formal education. 

   I saw many people face difficulty in choosing their career. Now-a-days lot of fields are available and you just need to identify your interest of field. First of all analyse yourself and try to judge your skills and passion and then select your field. If you make career in field of your interest will be giving you lifetime work satisfaction.

   You can choose any career as per your hobby like if you like cooking you can become chef or if you like dancing you can become choreographer or if you like singing you can become singer or if you are good in creative things like painting, designing you can become a painter or designer. If you are good in maths you can become engineer. Its totally depend on your skills and interests that which career will be suitable for you.

   Career test are available now-a-days to help you choosing your career. Many consultancies provide career counselling to help you select right career. Once a right career is selected you just need to move on in life with your hard work and dedication towards your work. Success will be yours and you will achieve progress in life with work satisfaction and you will reach at top of your career.


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