Thursday, 11 February 2016

Valentine Special...Express your Love!!

Hello friends,

      Valentine week is going on guys, i am really excited for it. Love is incredible, in our life what gives us extreme happiness is someone who love us unconditionally. We should express our love as life is too short to enjoy a moment! Many people don't express their love easily due to their introvert nature or they don't think love need to be expressed. I agree that love is a feeling more than expression but expressing your love boosts your feeling and gives you extreme feeling of happiness. 

     Generally in couples love fades after marriage due to family responsibilities, busy life, earning pressure, kids and society restrictions. Friends try to keep your love live in your life as it  helps in happiness, stress reduction and motivation to do something. Our partner needs care, love, time and good understanding. Never leave a chance to make your partner feel special by giving time as it really keeps your love live.

You can go for a long drive, candle light dinner, romantic movie and for a honeymoon. You can gift your partner anything like ring, laptop,mobile, wallet, etc which he or she needed and not able to buy for some reasons. All this things need money but if you are earning your partner deserves all this. If you don't have money you can also do some lovely things like make a dinner for your partner and enjoy going to a romantic spot like garden, lakeside or it can be a terrace of your house. Your partner needs your time and attention so don't miss to enjoy each and every moment.If someone is with us for a lifetime, its our responsibility to make him or her happy.


    If you are single and you like someone please express your love and feelings! If he or she accepts your luck and rejects its better to move on and wait for someone better than him or her. Love should be from both side, one sided love can never make you happy. Every day is a valentine day for lovers as love has no boundaries. So enjoy valentine week with roses, proposals, chocolates, promises, gifts, hugs and kissses. Happy Valentine week!

Thursday, 10 December 2015

How to build Self-Confidence!

         Self-confidence is the important part of humanity as it represents self-efficacy and self-esteem. Self-efficacy is the extent or strength of one's belief in one's own ability to complete tasks and reach goals. Self-esteem is a belief that we are generally competent in what we do and we deserve to be happy in life. A person with self-confidence likes himself, thinks positively and willing to take risks to achieve her personal and professional goals.

      A person without self-confidence feels that he will not be able to achieve his goals and develops a negative perspective about himself and life. Self confidence can be build up by your own desire and willingness. Follow given below 10 steps to build self-confidence easily.

1) Positive Attitude: Positive attitude means positive approach towards life. Many people have negative thoughts like I can't do that, I will fail. First convert your negative thoughts into positive thoughts like I will try, I will be successful. Always ignore your negative thoughts and give more preference to positive thoughts while thinking.

2) Connect with positive people: Try to be in touch with good people in your family and friends that make you feel bad and stay away from negative thinking people

3) Identify yourself: Try to focus on your talent, express yourself through any form of art you like the most may be dancing, music, writing or painting. Find something you enjoy and go further with your interest. Such hobbies make you feel special and more confident.

4) Avoid fear and have patience: Some people with low cself-confidence have fear in public speaking. Such people should overcome their fear by practicing their skills and they will soon gain self-confidence and comfortable in what they do in their life. Patience is required to achieve success in our life. "Try Try but Don't Cry" indicates that we should never stop trying in our life and one day we will definitely achieve our goal.

5) Don't Compare with others: To build self-confidence always focus on your life for your betterment. Follow your role model to become smarter, intelligent and richer. Also now-a-days people spends more time on social media often encourages them to compare with others. But remember people only post good things happen to them and hide worst things. Everyone has ups and downs in life. Its better to concentrate on your life.
6) Learn from your Mistakes: No one is perfect in this world, everyone has insecurities and at some point in our life we may feel we lack something but this is reality we need to overcome our insecurities and move forward in our life.

7) Take care of yourself: It means maintaining your personal hygiene for healthy look by bathing regularly, brushing your teeth, exercise regularly, sleep well and eat healthy food. Practicing self care is important in building self-confident. If you will look good, feel good automatically you will feel confident.
8) Set short and long term goals: Try to set achievable goals and work hard to achieve it. Concentrate on achieving small goals and slowly you will be able to achieve long term goals easily. Dedication and determination is must and be confident in what you do. This will surely build your confidence.

9) Change your bad habits: There are some things which you don't like about yourself like laziness, sleepy feeling and many more. Try to change such habits for your betterment in life and career. You can feel less confidence for such habits. 
10) Help Others: Always help others for their benefits, this shows that you are kind to them and they will admire you. This will make you feel positive and more confident.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Education in India!

    Education is the basic requirement for every individual to become self dependent. Good Education is a stepping stone to a high flying career. Education in India represents a great paradox. On the one hand we have IIMs and IITs that rank best amoung the best institutes in the world and on the other hand there are number of schools that don't even have the basic infrastructure. Even after 60 years of independence we are far away from the goal of 100% literacy. But still Indian talent is considered amoung the best in the world and Indians are in great demand in global job market.

   Education system in India is controlled and managed by the Indian Government to provide education to all without any discrimination. Education in India is provided by the public sector and private sector also. Government provide free and compulsory education to children between the ages of 6 and 14 as their fundamental right. 

  Now-a-days many Indians want to go abroad for their bachelor's and master's education. Because India still lags in employment opportunities and this makes indian talent to move abroad for their career settlement. In India, job market is still facing lot of recession and companies were unable to provide good salary package. Lot of educated youth is not getting job in India and suffering extreme frustration. Population increase is also one of the reason for unemployment. Lot of colleges, universities and institutes are opening everyday but unsuccessful in providing jobs after education.

   Over all Indian government still need to focus on quality, infrastructure and facilities of education to boost the Indian talent. Indians are great in their talent and if we are provided with good quality education in our country, then days are not far when India will be counted in developed countries.

Friday, 22 May 2015

English Speaking - A need of Time!

       "English Speaking" is becoming requirement for everyone now-a-days to complete in global work environment. Your career can get a good start if you are familiar with English language. Speaking English is not very tough for anyone especially when you are willing to learn English. 
       The first step to learn English is to take it as a challenge and read any good book or articles available on internet or you can watch videos on internet. If you have time to go for coaching you can also join English Speaking Course. Don't take learning as a task, enjoy it and it will be very easy for you to learn English.

       The most important aspects of learning English is to improve your vocabulary so that you can express your thoughts easily. Also concentrate on learning English Grammar which is must for sentence formation. Having good knowledge of words will help you to be more precise with your English communication.
      It is not necessary to have a detailed knowledge of grammar for speaking fluent English. In fact, speaking only needs a basic knowledge of grammar and a good vocabulary. Now-a-days no one use exact grammar for speaking English, many short forms were developed to make sentence easy to speak. All you need to believe in yourself and be confident to what you speak for good impression.
    For good English speaking, keep the sentences short and simple. Don't hesitate to ask the other persons for clarification if you do not understand them or you need any help. In English language also many words may carry more than one meaning. For spoken English concentrate on your word pronunciation while conversations with others. Keep practicing, the more you practice faster you will learn. 
    Try to understand the different accents of English Language in different countries. Watch English movies, news channel, serials, etc to learn different styles of pronunciation. Be polite and respectful while talking to others. Daily conversing in English will surely improve your English Speaking skills and you will be able to speak English fluently. 

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Personality Development

       "Personality" is totality of an individuals behavior, attitude, ego, interests emotional responses and social roles. Good Personality needs good physique, appearance, pleasing manners, intelligence, smartness, trustworthiness, good control over body and mind, personal integrity, responsibility and management.

        "Healthy Body and Healthy Mind" are two basic requirements for good personality. Healthy body requires good nutrition, personal hygiene and physical exercises like Yoga, Jogging, Pranayam, walking, aerobics, gym. Healthy mind requires positive attitude, meditation, living stress free life and need to be focused and clear on your goals of life and avoid all your worries.

       "Personality Development" means enhancing and grooming one's inner and outer self to bring a positive change in your life. This process covers increasing your confidence, improving your communication skills and your lifestyle. There are many crash courses available for people of all age groups for personality development. It is not necessary to join a personality development course, you can yourself bring change in yourself through self motivation and your strong will power.

        Personality development is becoming important now-a-days for everyone as it creates a good impression on others and helps you in your career growth and building good relationships. All you need is to focus on your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Always think positive and neglect all the negative energies around you. Personality development helps you to become stronger, happier and a good person.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

PIKU - A must watch Movie!

    "PIKU" is a movie which represents a strong relationship between Daughter "Piku" played by Deepika Padukone and Father "Bhaskor Banerjee" played by Amitabh Bacchan. Movie shows the basic fighting between Daughter and Father on family issues which is common between most of the families now-a-days due to generation gap. Father is suffering from acute constipation which makes movie funny and keeps you entertaining all the time with lot of funny moments.

     Father does not support Marriage of her daughter without purpose in movie. He always motivates her daughter to become like Great Personalities like Sarojini Naidu, Rani Lakshmi Bai and many more and suggest her not to waste your time by marrying a guy with low mentality who thinks marriage means a girl will cook food for him and sleep with him.

  Movie gives a strong message to all of us to support our parents when they need us more than others. Movie tells us that we should not leave our roots of family. Movie shows the women empowerment that how being a women you can support your parents and follow the duties that can be carried by a son as well. 

   Movie strongly encourage all of women to carry on their aim of life even after marriage. Movie shows all the family drama which will entertain you. Over all it is one of the simplest and finest movie that everyone should watch. Movie contains all the required elements that we want to see in a movie. It is a funny, emotional and entertaining movie. You will come out with a big smile and good feeling from the theatre.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Power of Education!

     Education is a process of acquiring knowledge throughout life. Education is a learning phase of life at school, college or university which is an unending process. You can acquire education at any age. Education is empowerment, it has the power to remove poverty, ignorance and makes you independent by providing you career of your choice.

    In India still 60% people are illiterate which results in poverty. Our government has implemented various policies for education but still problem is unsolved. Many peoples are unable to get education due to lack of facilities in villages. Education does not mean that you have to go back to school, it simply means you start reading through books which interest you and will help you in reaching your goals.

     Everyone has the right to become educated. You may not always learn to get a degree but you learn to fulfill your ambitions by planning a way to get a good job, home and bank balance. Internet have lot of resources for learning online and lot of websites who provide online education. You can also read on internet and watch various videos available on internet.

       The more you learn the more powerful you are to change your life. So what are you waiting for, Now is the time to utilize power of education and become powerful in all aspects of your life.