Valentine Special...Express your Love!!

Hello friends,

      Valentine week is going on guys, i am really excited for it. Love is incredible, in our life what gives us extreme happiness is someone who love us unconditionally. We should express our love as life is too short to enjoy a moment! Many people don't express their love easily due to their introvert nature or they don't think love need to be expressed. I agree that love is a feeling more than expression but expressing your love boosts your feeling and gives you extreme feeling of happiness. 

     Generally in couples love fades after marriage due to family responsibilities, busy life, earning pressure, kids and society restrictions. Friends try to keep your love live in your life as it  helps in happiness, stress reduction and motivation to do something. Our partner needs care, love, time and good understanding. Never leave a chance to make your partner feel special by giving time as it really keeps your love live.

You can go for a long drive, candle light dinner, romantic movie and for a honeymoon. You can gift your partner anything like ring, laptop,mobile, wallet, etc which he or she needed and not able to buy for some reasons. All this things need money but if you are earning your partner deserves all this. If you don't have money you can also do some lovely things like make a dinner for your partner and enjoy going to a romantic spot like garden, lakeside or it can be a terrace of your house. Your partner needs your time and attention so don't miss to enjoy each and every moment.If someone is with us for a lifetime, its our responsibility to make him or her happy.


    If you are single and you like someone please express your love and feelings! If he or she accepts your luck and rejects its better to move on and wait for someone better than him or her. Love should be from both side, one sided love can never make you happy. Every day is a valentine day for lovers as love has no boundaries. So enjoy valentine week with roses, proposals, chocolates, promises, gifts, hugs and kissses. Happy Valentine week!


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