"Marriage" - A Beautiful Relation

    "Marriage" is a beautiful relation that we share with a beautiful person. In India a girl left her family to lighten another family with her love and affection. Marriage is relationship between two person and their families which is made up of love and trust. In India marriage is a culture which can not be breaked by anyone as they believe it is a  relation of 7 births.

     When i was small i always wondered that how can we spent life with a person to whom we did not know and how can a girl left her family to complete another family but when i got married my all questions were answered automatically. I realized that marriage is a big change in girl's as well as boy's life. Marriage makes you responsible towards your family. You can feel the difference between you which comes along with the marriage.

   Marriage is a bond of love and trust on your partner. Everyone wants to have good life-partner but we don't know that god has selected our life-partner as we already heard that "Couples are made in Heaven". This is true guys as i always wondered that how we can find best life-partner for us. In today's world of technology everyone is finding their partners on matrimonial sites. 

   Marriage changes a girl's life, as a girl has to follow new family's traditions and living style to live a happy new life. But these changes makes you feel that you are a part of new family and it is just a phase of mutual acceptance. Finally its your life-partner who will be taking care of you for life-time. Both of you has to take care of each other, love each other and make your life easy by understanding each other's needs and requirements and try to fulfill each other's wishes. Wishing you all a "Happy Married Life."


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